1. Why do you want to go rural?

There are many reasons people move to a more rural lifestyle.  You might be tired of living in a neighborhood with an overbearing HOA or perhaps having to deal with all the traffic and noise is an issue.  Regardless of the reason, if you’re wanting to escape to a more rural environment, make sure you know the in’s and outs of living in that world.  Are you willing to give up having quick access to grocery, restaurants, hardware, and all the services that come with living in a metropolitan environment.

2. New Construction vs. Remodeling

If you’re outside of a suburban city area, then you’re likely not going to find new homes.  Either you have to build it yourself, or buy something to remodel or renovate.

3. Raw Land Infrastructure

If you are planning to build a new home on raw land you purchase, then remember all the costs and headaches that can go along with building the infrastructure for your new home.  It’s not only the cost of putting in utilities, it’s also the rules and regulations of the county / state that can deal out endless delays.

4. Backup Power

Living out where few folks live can be great, until a storm hits or something else disrupts your power for days or even weeks.  Power companies tend to serve larger populations first and sometimes the delays, especially after major weather events, can take a very long time.  Therefore, it’s best to plan for being on your own for a while.

If it’s in your budget, it’s best to plan for a whole house generator that can run off of your propane tank for instance.  Checkout these great manufactures for whole house generators: